How to add webcam effects to SplitCam

Download effect free, you like

Choose place on your computer where to save file. Place file to folder with SplitCam, right to sub-folder according to class of effect you downloaded. For example, you downloaded mask for a face, so paste file to sub-folder with masks at SplitCam folder. A path is shown on the picture, underrated with green color. C:\Program Files\SplitCam\img\Faces\Masks. I have Windows and SplitCam installed on drive “C”.So your path will be C:\Program Files\SplitCam\img\Faces\Masks

Start SplitCam. Double click on new mask to apply. Enjoy and download other effects!

*Note! Be attentive when you download effect and then place it to particular sub-folder of SplitCam webcam effects folder. Note to which category belongs effect – Filters, Backgrounds, Face items, Frames, Avatars, Objects. Then note to which sub-effects it belongs, for example – Filters/Space, or Objects/Fun/Static. And place effect file to right sub-folder. Usually main effect categories are at C:\Program Files\SplitCam\img, and in sub-folders, sub-categories of effects are placed.